1 Million particle simulation on the GPU


1 Million particle simulation on the GPU Patrick Fürst Format: 1 Day Content: Learn how to use GPU based simulation techniques. How to use shaders for calculation and how to set up a simulation pipeline. Participants: 5-10 Preparations: Basic knowledge of GPU programming and understanding of computer graphics. Laptop/Computer with a discrete GPU and support of [...]

GraphQL mit React-Apollo Client Thomas Vogel


GraphQL mit React-Apollo Client Thomas Vogel Format: 4 hours Content: How to use React-Apollo Client Participants: 8-12 Preparations: bring your own laptop with running react-create-app Price: for free, part of Agent-Conf promotion tour Pre-Register for Free! . . How do DI Courses work? Digitale Initiativen Courses work like this: First an Course Author comes [...]

Electronics basiscs course


Electronics basiscs course Format: workshop with 5 x 2h Content: basics of electronics (componenents, symbols, calculation,...) choose componente, using datasheets and standard curcuits designing own circuits layouting PCBs using OpenSource software KiCad simulate circuits using LTspice (freeware) measurements (using multimeter, oscilliscope, power supply,...) Participants: between 5 and 20 Preparations: bring laptop with KiCad (http://kicad-pcb.org/download/) and [...]